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There are two baby robins in the nest under my deck, maybe three!

I was away last weekend when I estimated the birth(s) could occur. I noticed the mother was no longer sitting on the nest, but I couldn’t see any signs, the nest being up so high on the support.

But this Sunday, I could clearly see a brown shape protruding above the nest. When I opened the sliding door to go outside, the shape ducked below the horizon of the nest.

It’s funny how the wonders of nature can stop you in your tracks. I stood in my basement, far enough back not to be noticed, not moving except to slowly grab my binoculars or phone/ camera. Like everyone, I had things to do and places to be on a weekend, but I stayed and watched for a half-hour. I got to see the oldest / biggest bird eventually peek out. (Sorry for pic quality; pics taken with my phone under low light.)

I got to learn the call of the parent standing guard, warning the hunting parent of danger. And then silence, time to fly in. I learned the spot on my fence where the hunting parent paused before coming into the nest with food. I saw the two beaks, maybe three, vying for the food. How quick it happens! Merely seconds before the adult flies away, off on another hunt. Most exciting was one feeding where the oldest tipped over, lifted his butt in the air, and out slid a fecal sac.  The parent nabbed it with his beak, and flew away with it.

Later though I saw one of the neighborhood feral cats in my yard (in the clutter to take to the landfill). I chased him off – he was able to squeeze through the hole in the fence. Grrr …. like mice, no hole is too small…

This evening I fixed the hole. Though I was back & forth, two growing babies calmly sat in their nest.

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