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Feral Cats & Baby Robins

The robin is still incubating the egg(s) in the nest under my deck. It takes about 12-14 days for the eggs to hatch. Since I first noticed the nest on April 16, it will be any day now!

The babies will stay in the nest for about 2 weeks, being fed by both mom and dad. They need a lot of food – they need to eat every 15-20 minutes. They’ll eat worms, insects, and fruit.

Once they fledge, they’ll stay on the ground for about 2 weeks, in the vicinity of the nest. That’s where one danger will confront them.

My neighborhood has a lot of feral cats. But they are well fed – either from catching prey or neighbors feeding them. So they are rather fat, slow, and not very agile. I’m hoping none can jump onto the fence and get in.

I do have a slat missing from my fence and the cats were able to squeeze in. But I’ve blocked that now.

Plus, my yard has a lot of vegetation so I hope there’s enough cover for the little robin youngsters to scamper to.

Will be watching and listening for the new ones to hatch!

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