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Enhancing My Backyard Habitat 

I’ve added more features to my backyard habitat to making it more inviting to wildlife.

I’m particularly interested in seeing if I’ll get some inhabitants to a Mason bee box I hung on a post in the front of my house:

Hummingbird feeders are up – one in the front yard and one in the back:

I found these bird roost boxes at a market; I’ve placed two in my backyard. I hope to see a little head and beak peeking out one morning:

I cleaned out an old bird nest box. I think I saw an avian visitor checking it out this weekend:

I no longer use bird feeders (that’s a separate topic!) but I provide water in several spots. I get a regular stream of visitors, particularly in the evening:

And I added a new water feature – more for me than the wildlife. It’s so soothing!

I’m excited to see what visitors show up to my little townhome ecosystem this year!

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  1. You’ve created a wonderful haven, I am positive you’ll have a variety show up! I even want to come over to watch the arrivals, Neita! 🙂

    April 27, 2017

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