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Feral Cats & Baby Robins

The robin is still incubating the egg(s) in the nest under my deck. It takes about 12-14 days for the eggs to hatch. Since I first noticed the nest on April 16, it will be any day now!

The babies will stay in the nest for about 2 weeks, being fed by both mom and dad. They need a lot of food – they need to eat every 15-20 minutes. They’ll eat worms, insects, and fruit.

Once they fledge, they’ll stay on the ground for about 2 weeks, in the vicinity of the nest. That’s where one danger will confront them.

My neighborhood has a lot of feral cats. But they are well fed – either from catching prey or neighbors feeding them. So they are rather fat, slow, and not very agile. I’m hoping none can jump onto the fence and get in.

I do have a slat missing from my fence and the cats were able to squeeze in. But I’ve blocked that now.

Plus, my yard has a lot of vegetation so I hope there’s enough cover for the little robin youngsters to scamper to.

Will be watching and listening for the new ones to hatch!

Enhancing My Backyard Habitat 

I’ve added more features to my backyard habitat to making it more inviting to wildlife.

I’m particularly interested in seeing if I’ll get some inhabitants to a Mason bee box I hung on a post in the front of my house:

Hummingbird feeders are up – one in the front yard and one in the back:

I found these bird roost boxes at a market; I’ve placed two in my backyard. I hope to see a little head and beak peeking out one morning:

I cleaned out an old bird nest box. I think I saw an avian visitor checking it out this weekend:

I no longer use bird feeders (that’s a separate topic!) but I provide water in several spots. I get a regular stream of visitors, particularly in the evening:

And I added a new water feature – more for me than the wildlife. It’s so soothing!

I’m excited to see what visitors show up to my little townhome ecosystem this year!

Sunrise Rainbow

‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’ and rainbows! Today is a gorgeous Spring morning that began with some gentle (much-needed) rain and now gives us  a rainbow to the northwest with the sunrise to the east. 

Timing is everything! As I finished typing this post, the rainbow is gone and the rising sun is blocked by more rain clouds.

Shhh … Do Not Disturb!

My backyard and front lawn are developing into wonderful little wildlife habitats. Currently there’s a robin nesting on the supports of my deck. Every time I go outside onto my deck, she flies away, generally onto a rooftop of a town home across from me. She and her partner squawk. After a few minutes, if all is still, she’ll fly to the branches of my neighbor’s maple tree. From there she makes her final approach back to the nest. I’m learning to quietly open the deck door and tiptoe around so as not to disturb her.

Above – robin nesting under my deck. Pic taken through my dirty sliding doors so as not to disturb the bird.