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Back to Blogging!

I’m back to blogging! Like other writers, life happens and our focus and energy shift to what we “need” to do and the activities we “want” to do get moved to the shadows of our daily life. I will continue to write about the Nature Just Outside My Door as I remain amazed by the amount of nature I can observe just from the little deck of my suburban townhome. And I still appreciate a certain level of wildness in the 40-acre local park where I walk several times a week. That park feels as much as a backyard to me as my own home.

But I also want to increase my naturalist knowledge. So I’m challenging myself to ID one thing a day. I’m on Twitter, and I’ll mark those tweets with the hashtag of #OneIDaDay.

Also, I love phenology and tracking the seasonal changes of favorite plants and birds. I want to get a bit more formal with recording observations, so a taste of that will end up in my blog too. My current attraction is paying attention to when the local osprey leave for the winter. They are still here.

In your time with nature, do you ever set specific learning goals for yourself or challenges? I’d love to hear about it!