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Exploring the Leight Estuary: The Cove Without the Water

A day of strong winds pushed water out of the cove at the Leight Estuary Center, allowing a stroll through areas normally under water! Not only was it fascinating to see the effects of the wind, but a delight in seeing things close up not usually accessible.

Here’s a broad view of the area, sans water. Hopefully the shading and line identifies for you the mud flat open for a morning walk:

view1 view2

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Exploring Forest Trails at Elk Neck State Park

The Ravines Trail at Elk Neck State Park features the effect of erosion on the soft soils of this park at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. The trail winds through Eastern deciduous forest with a variety of trees, shrubs, ferns, and a few wildflowers still blooming.

In fact, I was so intent on starting my hike, that I almost missed  tiny flowers blooming, yet hidden, in this field at the trailhead:


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Backyard Garden / Native Plants, Year Two Begins

My native plants are starting to bud and bloom! It’s quite gratifying and exciting.

I have a suburban townhouse backyard. Several years ago, I ripped out the  grass and landscaped most of the yard. At that time, I had no background on native plants, so I selected whatever ornamental perennial or shrub appealed to me.

Last summer though I began to fill in the empty spots with native plants. The task was interrupted when I took on a part-time naturalist job on week-ends, in addition to my regular career employment. That left me with little free time for gardening.

But, the plants I did add are starting to bloom –


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