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The Winter That Wasn’t, But Won’t Go Away, Brings Us a Record March Snowstorm

Winter here on the East Coast is lingering. Lingering though is a pleasant word. It implies the welcome extended stay of friends reluctant to part ways. We’re ready to have winter leave.

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One of my favorite nature journals is a book by Mark Garland titled “Watching Nature – A Mid-Atlantic Natural History”. One reason I love the book is because he writes about the places I am familiar with and are accessible to me.

In describing winter, he talks about his hibernation instinct. “I want to come home straight from work, read a book next to the wood stove, and sleep 12 hours each night”. I can identify with that as well; it’s basically what I did the past few months …

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A Hawk Skirmishes With The Starlings At My Deck Feeders

Much to my delight, while writing at my computer facing my backyard, a blur of feathers caught my attention. It was a hawk! It landed on my backyard deck railing!!  The flourish of feathers must’ve been him going after one of the many birds that hang out on the railing.

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Early Spring Field Trip – Harford Glen Nature in Winter

A field trip, intended for bird-watching, became more of a winter nature-study hike; a great way to celebrate March. Especially since our group had access to a park that is normally closed to the public in winter.

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