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Scenes of Late November Nature in SE Harford County

Post-Thanksgiving kicks off winter in the mid-Atlantic region. There may be days of brilliant sunshine with clear blue skies; those are to be treasured. More frequently winter brings us dreary, cloudy, chilly days. On those, it’s best to be outdoors to appreciate life and color; rather than just viewing nature during the dash from building to car (though that’s what we really want to do).

Here is what nature looks like in Harford County as November draws to a close:

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Morning at Mariner Point

Sunrise over the Gunpowder River today, from Mariner Point Park in Joppatowne, Maryland.

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Thousands Upon Thousands of Birds Descend Into Days Cove Area

Last evening, I witnessed the uber-flock of thousands upon thousands of birds return to the Days Cove area of the Gunpowder River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, to roost for the evening. Here I’ve captured a few seconds of video. A pattern they did was to gather in treetops and then all of a sudden, as a group, they swooshed away. (P.S. This is my first embedded video, hoping it turns out well.)

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Seasonal Changes in Bird Watching

As the seasons change, we’ve watched foliage turn color and fall. Now we’ve added the element of observing migrating birds go through our neighborhood, winter birds arrive and begin their stay, and some folks caught sight of birds not normally found here, but blown inland and/or off course from Hurricane Sandy.

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Sharing Nature “Just Outside My Door” With My Neighbors

I’ve started hosting outdoor nature activities for the residents in my development, focusing on fun activities for the children. Today, we built fairie houses and dragon castles! Read more

Glimpses of This Week’s Nature

Some casual early November nature observations from the past week, other than storm Sandy which the previous blog posts have focused on. The weather was drearily cloudy all week; the photos reflect that. Read more

Sandy Blew In Autumn

Some before & after scenes in Howard County – Colorful fall leaves were all blown away by storm Sandy. The “before” pictures were taken on a day as the outer bands of Sandy rolled into the Maryland area. Granted, we’d lose the foliage anyway, but it was an abrupt change.

Maple tree spot / Before:


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