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Osprey Udate – April 14

A quick post to log the activity at the three osprey nests I’m monitoring.

The first stop was to the nest on the cell tower outside the Leight Estuary Center: mom was quietly sitting on the nest, dad was perched on a railing standing guard. Their nest is sprawled across most of the platform – it’s not deep, but wide. They could lease part of it to another pair.

Next I visited the two nests across the street from each other. I saw no activity at all, but sat and watched for awhile. Eventually, I saw some “fluffing” at the new nest, which is rather small and not very deep. An osprey was there. I had to use my binoculars, and I watched her (?) reach down into the nest with her beak and then come upright again, repeatedly. I saw tail, then head. Tail, head. Back & forth.

So if I almost missed seeing an osprey in the shallow nest, there very well could’ve been one osprey in my 1st nest, which is very, very deep as compared to the others.

So far, I’ve only made it to the nests in the evening. I’ll try today to get there at a different time today and see if the activity is different.

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